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DSV PHP Editor is a tool for writing, editing, PHP scripts and web files
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7 February 2010

Editor's review

Web developers need to be far more skilled today than what was required till a few years back. If you go to some multimedia website, related to games, movies, songs and other entertainment content, you will eventually find a number of elements on the same that are solely used to beautify the interface of the website. Other than this, some of the multimedia or utility oriented application may be there on the website which is run through an additional browser plug-in or JavaScript. If you are a web developer, you must not step back from integrating any of these elements on your webpage as these are some of the essential elements to grab the user’s attention and increase traffic to your website. In modern times, when web developers call for the need for add-on applications that makes such development processes fast and easy, DSV PHP Editor v.3.0.0 finds its importance in any PHP based web development task.

DSV PHP Editor v.3.0.0 is primarily a PHP editor which means the program is meant for various operations with development procedures for the sites created on PHP platform. The program can be easily used for a variety of purposes like debugging PHP scripts, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and SQL pages of the website. The program is extremely easy to use so any type of user can use the handy functionalities of this program. Whether you are an expert professional who has been in the field of web development since a while or you are a novice beginner, the program has something for web developer of every level. If you are doing the task of coding, the program will provide you automatic hints for code completion, functions, and parameters. The user would be easily able to open and view files on the FTP server on which the files of the website are kept.

Summing it up, DSV PHP Editor v.3.0.0 is a nice program for overall ease in functionality while dealing with the development and upgradation of a PHP website, leading it to score three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

DSV PHP Editor is a program for creating, editing and debugging PHP scripts, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL pages. Editor is designed specifically for PHP development; it is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers. Has auto complete, PHP function parameters hints, built-in HTTP server, open/save and preview files to/from FTP, code explorer, project manager with local and remote view, publish project or publish selected project files to FTP options, upload local directory to FTP option, search and replace in files utility, 'on mouse over' help hints for PHP functions, one-click run, debug and syntax check, quick insertion of PHP functions, code templates/snippets , clipboard monitoring, To Do list, F1 PHP, HTML and CSS help support, MySQL explorer and MySQL query builder.
DSV PHP Editor
DSV PHP Editor
Version 3.0
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